Discover a personalized supplement

How to get all the nutrients that your body needs?

The effectiveness of your supplementation program depends on the answer to these two questions:

  1. Do you know which nutrients you need?
  2. Do you supplement them regularly?

Sundose is a second-generation supplement. A health survey created by our nutrition experts, individual consultation with a dietician and your medical examination results allow us to identify your unique needs and tailor the supplement composition to your lifestyle. Its convenient formula makes it easy to remember to take your Sundose regularly.

Sundose is the first European dietary supplement with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, omega-3 acids and other active substances tailored to your daily needs in terms of quality and quantity. Delivered to your door in a single monthly package with 30 packets inside (one for each day, personalized for you).

Personalize your supplement

How can we help you?

Every supplement is personalized, which means there is no other Sundose like yours! We adjust its composition to reflect your health goal and these 3 fundamentals:

Positive habit — A packet of Sundose is your daily jumpstart to a healthier life. Its ingredients have been proven to support heart, eye, digestive and bone health and improve the condition of hair, skin and nails.

Balance — Regular daily dose of Sundose will boost your energy levels, concentration, regeneration rate and ability to handle stress.

Immunity — Day by day, Sundose will help to strengthen your immunity system, making you less susceptible to seasonal infections.

Your safety is important to us. Sundose is manufactured in certified facilities of international standards. We’re certified with GMP and ISO certifications.

How is Sundose different from other supplements?

Dietary supplements are very often made to satisfy customer expectations and not their actual needs. For example,

  • the amount of vitamin D in most supplements is much lower than its desired intake
  • some other components (like vitamin C, which is now a fad) come in too large amounts
  • the amount of mineral substances, such as calcium, selenium and iodine, is often inadequate for your body needs

When the nutritional content of a supplement does not reflect individual needs, its effectiveness may actually be very low.

The nutritional content of your Sundose mix is always verified by a certified nutrition expert. Thanks to that you can be sure that the type and amount of active substances will meet your body and lifestyle needs. In addition to the standard vitamins and minerals, we can also enrich you individual mix with live bacteria cultures (probiotics), fish acids (omega-3) and active substances that will further increase the chance of achieving your health goal together!

Personalize your supplement

Try us out and soon you’ll be recommending Sundose to your friends and family

How to get started?

  • Order a starter pack for half price.
  • Fill in the health survey, on the basis of which we will create your unique Sundose mix. If you want, you can also send us your blood test results.
  • Expect the courier with your starter pack to arrive within a week.
  • Drink 1 packet of Sundose per day and build a new healthy habit!

For only 99 GBP for a starter pack you get:

  • Personalized report with recommended measurements of vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances, tailored to your lifestyle
  • 30 packets of your Sundose mix
  • Support from our dietician, who will guide you towards an even healthier lifestyle!

Sundose Start

69,00 £ for 1 month

Supplement tailor-made to your lifestyle


Once we identify your daily nutrition challenges, we can select and mix all the essential nutrients you need in just the right proportions.

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