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After answering questions about your lifestyle you will receive a free personalised recommendation from us. Choose options for yourself.

Independent health questionnaire

The answers you give will help us to work out the ideal composition of your personal supplement. You will find out which vitamins, minerals and probiotics you need for your organism to function properly. No stress- the questions we ask are basic ones and the questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete.

Arrange your Sundose Estimated completion time: 10 mins

Consultation call with a specialist

Our specialist Tomasz Styk will discuss your nutrition problems in a short conversation and suggest how to start a diet, as well as prepare an action plan to help improve your health. We fit this to your schedule. Just leave us your phone number and select a convenient time. In addition after the consultation has finished you will receive a free personal health report.

Order a consultation call Estimated duration: maximum 20 mins

Why you can trust us?

We guarantee despite the form contact:


We realise that health is a sensitive issue. With Sundose you have no need to worry. The questions we ask are basic and the information you share with us is safe and secure.

Free value

There is no need for you to guess how many vitamins, minerals and probiotics you need. After filling in the questionnaire or carrying out a consultation call you will receive a personal supplement recommendation. Free from Sundose.