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Your own custom made mix of vitamins, minerals and probiotics delivered in one daily portion.

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Development, improved condition and energy everyday. Do you know which vitamins you are lacking to achieve this state? Perhaps your recent cold was due to a deficiency in probiotics?

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Find out what you require

Fill out our health questionnaire and receive a free personalised supplementation recommendation. We will personalise the type and quantity of ingredients according to your individual needs, creating a unique Sundose mix for you.

Order your own Sundose mix

Receive every month a personalised nutritional mix in convenient sachets to your door. Delivery is free.

Drink it at breakfast

Implementing into your lifestyle is incredibly easy. To start your day off on the right foot simply drink a glass of Sundose after breakfast and then forget about supplements until the following morning.

Feel the joy of natural energy

Achieve natural energy levels. Enjoy improved health, physical and mental state and concentration everyday. Build up a healthy habit and feel the difference.

A unique individual mix.
Specially for you. From Sundose.

Antibiotics, processed food, stress, alcohol and other factors result in our intestines not functioning properly. As a result the nutritional ingredients contained in our food, which are considerably less than they once were, are not absorbed as well as they should be. Everyone of us is unique and each of us have our own unique requirements.

Sundose Mix

What can Sundose help you with?

Sundose uses 34 different nutritional ingredients which have a positive impact on:

Stress levels
Immune system
Fertility and libido
Skin, hair and nails

Sundose is your first fully personalised supplement

As you change so does your Sundose


Without preservatives and artificial colouring additives. Sundose is composed from the highest quality ingredients and produced in a certified production facility.

Based on testing and experience, Sundose ingredients are selected in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness and high absorption by the body.


You can forget about handfuls of tablets which you need to remember to take everyday. Sundose is one convenient mix of all the ingredients you need in one sachet!

Drink a glass of water with sundose everyday at breakfast.


Don’t worry about which supplements will be best for you. Based on the health questionnaire we will tailor the contents to cover your individual vitamin, mineral, probiotic, antioxidant and omega3 needs!

The contents of your supplement can vary from month to month.

Why you can trust us

Trust is fundamental. Take a look what others think about us and which certificates we possess

Tomasz Styk
Partner, Head of Technology

Sundose is a product that was created to meet the need for a simple but effective solution to the problem of bad habits, as well as taking care of your health. As its creator I can vouch for its quality of the highest order!

Tomasz Styk
Partner, Head of Technology
Anna Świtakowska
Director of Nutricus dietary clinic

Many of Nutricus's clients lead intensive and busy lives and don’t have time to watch their diet. Sundose has the advantage that the quantity of the ingredients is ideally matched to the user. I recommend Sundose to my patients based upon this fact.

Anna Świtakowska
Director of Nutricus dietary clinic

The most important certificate in pharmacy. The GMP Standard doesn't only guarantee the high quality of the finished product.

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ISO 9001:2008 standard- defines all the requirements which the quality management system meets.

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The IFS (International Food Standard) Standard- International safety standard.

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As you change so does your Sundose

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