Dietary supplement individually composed for you. Backed by your health data.

Dietary supplement tailored to your individual needs. Created on the basis of our expert knowledge and experience. For you, made with the best ingredients, in one daily dose.

Check your composition

Supplementation without guessing

We know that choosing the right supplement isn't easy. Leave this in our hands.

Sundose is a simple solution, backed up with years of experience. It's been made to help you take good care of your health.


of supplement takers choose their supplements themselves. In most cases, incorrectly.

Report on Poles’ opinion on dietary supplements, Pollster Research Institute, 11.2016

When choosing the right supplement, everything matters.

Find your unique mix

Switch on to efficiency

Sundose is a mix of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants and omega-3 acids. Your packet only contains what you actually need. Every ingredient and its amount are matched to your body and lifestyle for maximally effective supplementation.

Personalization. Safety. Convenience.

Pure quality in one packet.

No preservatives, dyes, fixatives or other fillers - that's what your Sundose will be like. Based on scientific research, we selected only those ingredients that will ensure maximum absorption.

The risk of deficiencies and excesses in the body reduced to the minimum.

Individual ingredients and their amounts are tailored only to you, based on a health survey developed by our nutrition experts, consultations and blood test results.

Easy-to-use formula, conducive to building a healthy habit.

All that you need, in one daily dose. Simply.

See how we do this

1 Health survey
2 Consultation with nutrition expert
3 One packet a day
4 Build a healthy habit

1 Health survey

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Start with filling out the survey, developed by our dieticians. Based on the analysis of your answers, we'll prepare your individual supplementation program. We'll tailor the ingredients and their amounts to your body and lifestyle needs. This will be your unique mix.

2 Consultation with nutrition expert

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Consult with our nutrition expert, so that we can tailor your individual composition even better. Send us your blood test results.

3 One packet a day

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A box with monthly supply of Sundose will be delivered right to your door. Drink a glass of water with Sundose after breakfast and ... That's all. No handfuls of pills - just what you need. Have a wonderful day!

4 Build a healthy habit

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The contents of each packet have a positive impact on your body. Form other healthy habits, just like you did with regular supplementation, until you're able to fully replace Sundose with a healthy lifestyle. That's right - we hope that soon you won't be needing Sundose anymore!

“Sundose arose out of the need to provide a simple, but effective, solution to the problem of unhealthy habits and not taking proper care of one's health. As its creator, I can vouch for its highest quality!”

Tomasz Styk, Partner, Head of Technology
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Tomsz Styk

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