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With over 17 billion possible formulations, Sundose is the first truly personalised complete supplement mix.

We customise, blend and deliver all the nutrients you need in just one daily dose.

We bring you superior health & wellbeing so that you can make a real change in life!

Make a change by feeling good every day

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Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the most accurately tailored formula for each unique customer. We help you achieve the best possible effects in just one sachet a day.
We make sure that
Your Uniquely Personalised Supplement Mix is...
AccurateAssistance & adjustmentSmart personalization
SimpleAll-in-oneCompact & easyComplete
SafeSustainable approachHigh qualityPure ingredients
This is the secret formula to getting the outcomes you desire.
What’s more, your formula will evolve to be even more accurate every following month.
This means that you will feel better and better as time goes by!
And so does Your Sundose!

Let us tell you how it all began

Sundose capsule on hand

Our story starts in 2013, when we opened our own specialist dietary clinic for professional athletes. In 2015, we expanded our services to people outside sports. By working closely with such a large number of different people, we were able to deeply understand their daily nutrition struggles. After many years of experience, we noticed some worrying patterns. We realised that it’s very hard to fulfil 100% of the human body's dietary requirements, while living our busy lifestyles.

Because of this, lots of people live life at suboptimal levels without even knowing they can improve how they feel every day. The ones that are aware of the problem and its nutritional roots often choose to supplement on their own. According to research, this is an irresponsible and often very ineffective approach. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to negative health outcomes. So we felt that we needed to fundamentally transform the way people approach taking supplements. As it turned out, our experience meant we were in the perfect position to make that happen.

☀️That's why in 2018, our love for people and health made us create Sundose - the first, truly personalised supplement, made easily accessible to anyone in just one dose a day. Our idea was simple - to redesign how people take supplements to make it 10 times more effective for them.

At Sundose we now personalise, blend and deliver the highest quality, all-in-one supplement mix to thousands of people every month. Our mission is to bring wellbeing and happiness to all people, through superior health.

Michael & Tom, Founders of Sundose


„Sundose is an alternative to outdated mass-produced supplementation. Because it is based on 4 foundations: individuality, complexity, ease of implementation and purity, it presents a change to the way you think about supplementation. Welcome to next generation supplementation

Meet the team behind the world's most complex dietary supplement!

Sundose is developed by people who are serious about your health.

As a team of dietitians, researchers and pharmacologists, we believe that together we can make the world a healthier and happier place. Every day, we strive to improve our product to enhance and support your wellbeing.

Team playing with LEGO
Michal Golkiewicz
Michal Golkiewicz

I build the strategy and structure of the entire organisation. I take care of every detail.

Sundose is the revolution on the supplement market and I am very happy to be a part of it. Our goal is to create a maximally simple solution to improve your health and quality of life.

Tomek Styk
Tomek Styk

I shape the vision and growth strategy of Sundose product.

I strongly believe that work within the health space should be 100% personalized. That’s why work for Sundose absorbed me completely.

Operations Team
Anna Switakowska
Anna Switakowska
Board Assistant

At Sundose, I support the team in the effective implementation of projects and strategic plans.

As a dietician, I 100% approve the quality of the product and the concept of a unique formulation for each of us!

Gosia Kufel
Gosia Kufel
Administration & Finance Specialist

I lead administrative, legal and financial projects.

For me, supporting the ideas of our team in the world of numbers and letters, means daily challenges that make me grow, often surprise, but certainly keep me from getting bored! :)

Magda Sierocka
Magda Sierocka
Administration & Finance Assistant

I assist in administrative and financial aspects in our organisation.

I like working here, because the company focuses on growth and innovation. But more importantly because I 100% support the whole concept of the product itself!

Product and Technology Team
Kamil Furman
Kamil Furman
Head of Product

I lead teams who develop Sundose platforms the way our clients love.

Our mission is to make the Sundose personalisation process a unique experience providing the most beneficial results in health improvement.

Piotr Wieckowski
Piotr Wieckowski
Head of Technology

Every day, I make sure that technology serves Sundose team and our customers in the best possible way.

I love to create solutions that are useful and have a real and positive impact on our daily lives.

Patryk Piecek
Patryk Piecek
Automation Developer

I am responsible for designing and implementing automatic processes.

Maciej Swiderski
Maciej Swiderski
DevOps Evangelist

I build synergy between developers and all those responsible for delivering customer value. I make sure that every IT solution has the same quality as the physical product.

I am happy that my work is my hobby.

Kamil Jedynak
Kamil Jedynak
Quality Assurance Lead

I make sure that our product is of the highest quality.

As a Quality Assurance Lead, bug hunter and self-styled personalization enthusiast I stand by on guard best-suited supplementation that people could get, and assure they'll get it without any issues.

Scientific Team
Adam Kuzdralinski
Adam Kuzdralinski
Chief Scientist

I am responsible for research and development, mainly in the area of personalization.

As a practitioner scientist, I am fascinated by the fact that what I create at Sundose improves the quality and comfort of life of others.

Monika Maslej
Monika Maslej
Dietitian, Researcher

As a member of the Scientific Department, I take care of product development in the area of personalisation and I am the scientific support of the entire Sundose team.

Supplementation is an individual approach, and each Sundose is like its owner - unique - and this is what I value the most about the product.

Adrian Pawlowski
Adrian Pawlowski
Pharmacologist, Researcher

I develop solutions based on the most reliable knowledge and real needs of our customers. I make sure you get a uniquely personalized, and above all, safe product.

I appreciate Sundose for an innovative approach to each client.

Manufacturing Team
Sebastian Galka
Sebastian Galka
Head of Manufacturing

I manage the R&D department of physical product where we continually strive to improve the product for our customers.

Working at Sundose allows me to have a direct impact on the form and quality of the product that the customer gets.

Michal Bulacz
Michal Bulacz
Plant Manager

I combine my lifetime experience in production management with R&D of production processes.

Working at Sundose gives me the opportunity to continually build my competencies and I am very happy to grow here.

Kinga Niedzialek
Kinga Niedzialek
Administration Coordinator

My work at Sundose allows me to grow every day. Naturally, creatively and with energy. That’s what I like the most.

I got to know the product from within and I am happy to reach for my Sundose sachet every morning to start off my day.

Marketing & PR Team
Gosia Zubiel-Czuszke
Gosia Zubiel-Czuszke
VP of Brand

I love that I have a real impact on the entire brand and its communication, with a great emphasis on the area of social media. For as long as I can remember, I have always attached great importance to a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, which is why I am so happy to be in #teamsundose!

Dominika Borowicz
Dominika Borowicz
Social Media Manager

I help build Sundose’s brand image and communication strategy.

In my work, I love that I co-create Sundose with people who are 100% committed to creating such an amazing product.

Agnieszka Galczak
Agnieszka Galczak
Social Media Specialist

I look after good relations with our Ambassadors. I select and coordinate each of the collaborations accordingly.

I value Sundose for its individual approach to the customer and its constant desire to develop and improve the product.

Kinga Malysz
Kinga Malysz
Social Media Specialist

I am engaged in activities in global markets. I recruit ambassadors from other countries so that customers from other countries could also learn about the beneficial results of taking Sundose.

Since I started using Sundose myself, I cannot imagine that I would omit it during my morning routine.

Customer Care Team
Basia Styk
Basia Styk
Customer Care Specialist

I take care of service quality, while monitoring customer satisfaction levels.

Continuous improvement, teamwork and innovation are what Sundose values the most. That’s why it’s so unique.

Monika Krolak-Wasilewska
Monika Krolak-Wasilewska
Customer Care Dietitian

As a clinical dietician, I support our customers in individually adjusting the formulation of the supplement.

The thing I value the most about Sundose is the possibility to personalize the supplement based on thorough health assessment and results from blood tests.

Natalia Kryczka
Natalia Kryczka
Customer Care Specialist

I am responsible for the excellent customer service. Every day, I try to make my customers as excited about Sundose as I am.

It's great to be a part of such an ambitious team that is so focused on the needs of others.

Agnieszka Kubasinska
Agnieszka Kubasinska
Community Specialist, Dietitian

I work within the dietary and marketing areas, while also being part of the company's growth strategy team.

As a nutritionist, I fully identify with the quality of supplements and I recommend them to everyone around me!

People that Trusted Us

Karolina Smyk with Sundose
Karolina Smyk

If you want to start proper supplementation — that is, supplement your diet with ingredients in which you have a deficit, you must first know what to supplement. Deficiencies in our diet are not only vitamins! Sundose is more than that! It contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant extracts, adaptogens, probiotics and omega-3 acids!

Kuba Baraski with Sundose
Kuba Barański

Sundose is my daily ritual, the sachets are so small that I can easily take them when I am travelling! Thanks to him, I have a lot of energy during my trips!

Paulina Jagodzińska with Sundose
Paulina Jagodzińska

Sundose supplements have been with me for over half a year. These are personalized supplements matched to our individual needs. Thanks to supplements, we can improve our well-being, increase energy, improve the appearance of our skin, and strengthen hair and nails. I always recommend it to everyone, because it's really worth taking care of your health consciously.

Tomasz Styk

“One of our goals at Sundose is to raise awareness of the benefits of personally tailored supplementation. We encourage building healthy habits, we share knowledge, listen to your needs and meet your expectations.”

Tomek Styk
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We value your health
Thank you for your trust in us.
- Your Sundose Team
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